Teledent Dental Recruitment provides staffing solutions and employment advice to workers and dental offices in Southern Ontario (Canada). We match qualified, professional, highly-skilled dental professionals with employers offering short or long term work.

Teledent was founded in 2004 and started out serving workers and employers in the GTA. We now work throughout most of Southern Ontario.

Staff at Teledent have a combined 40 years of experience working in dental offices in Ontario and we pride ourselves on the ability to understand the industry from the inside out.

We advocate both for dental workers and the employers that hire us. We care about the law, equity-based hiring, and labour advocacy. We're a modern and progressive company and we respond to the current job market when we give advice.

You can learn more about our staff below.

Cameron Kroetsch - BA, BEd, MA (he/him)

Contact Cameron about - Long term work, Payments

Cameron has a solid understanding of finance, labour law, and employment rights. He studied in the humanities and has experience both in education and labour relations. Cameron worked as a dental receptionist for 7 years and joined Teledent in 2016.


Kayla Phenix - BA (she/her)

Contact Kayla about - Long term work, Short term work, General inquiries

Kayla studied in the humanities before starting in the dental field and worked as a dental receptionist for 8 years before joining Teledent in 2020.


Terri Urbaniak (she/her)

Contact Terri about - Short term work

Terri started out as a dental assistant more than 25 years ago and has had roles in dental administration, hygiene coordination, treatment coordination, and office management. She started Teledent in 2004.